Excessive Sweating of the Armpits


Excessive Sweating of the Armpits

Excessive sweating of the armpitsis a very common form of the disease and is medically known as axillary hyperhidrosis. People suffering from this type of hyperhidrosis can be identified very easily by their extreme sweating in the underarm area. Ladies prefer wearing dark clothes while gentlemen won’t take off their jackets even at temperatures exceeding 30°C. They all do this for the same reason: to disguise sweaty stains on their clothes. There are antiperspirants that promise dry armpits for days, but those who have tried them know that the truth is quite different and that the proclaimed laboratory efficiency is useless in real life.

Excessive Sweating of the Armpits

If you are one of those suffering from excessive armpit sweating in personal life, Electro Antiperspirant offers you is a very simple solution to your problems. In contrary of the case of excessive sweating of the hands or feet, this type of the sweating is treated by using a special adapter.

Excessive sweating of the armpits?
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Stress Armpit Sweating

One of the frequently asked questions is whether Electro Antiperspirant can prevent so-called stress sweating, i.e. sweating in tense situations where you want to stay calm and dry but constant thinking about sweating makes you sweat more and more. The good news is that Electro Antiperspirant was developed to fight all types of excessive sweating, including armpit sweating caused by stressful situations. This means you can stay dry under all circumstances. If you are more than familiar with the above situations and you wish to start controlling your sweating, together with your life, the new generation Electro Antiperspirant can help you with excessive armpit sweating.

User Experience

My heartfelt thanks to you. My armpits are dry after 14 years. I wish I found this sooner. Thanks.*Siadli, Jakarta, Indonesia

I don’t even remember how many years since it all started. It seems to me like it has been with me always, and it got worse and worse until I was 35 years when I slowly couldn’t take it anymore. I bought Electro Antiperspirant as a last resort before surgery and it really helped me. Shame I did not come across it sooner.*Amelie, France

The worries that I had with excessive sweating cannot be expressed with words. The fear that I had from contact with people and how they looked at me and condemned me without even knowing what it takes, that was just terrible. Electro Antiperspirant changed my life. I can recommend it with clear conscience to everyone whose life is being destroyed by sweat as was that mine once.*Anna, Poland


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