Get $1,000 in Free Credit Card Processing From Square Referral Program

Are you looking for a simple way to take payments? Square is a popular choice.

You can save big – Square is offering up to $1,000 in free credit card transactions through their Square Referral Program! You will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days when you sign up through our referral link.

It’s a great way to save money on credit card processing if you want to use Square for your small business. Hurry – This limited-time offer is valid only for new Square customers and is not transferable.

How to Confirm Reimbursed Processing Fees

To view your free processing reimbursements, visit Deposits in your online Square Dashboard and use the date-selector tool to choose a date range of deposits. Select a deposit from the list to view your free processing credits included in that deposit.

You can also view your reimbursements by downloading the Deposits spreadsheet from the same Deposits tab. Your free processing reimbursements will populate beneath the associated transactions.

If you process a refund, Square will first look to your Square balance to cover the refund, including any associated fee reimbursements. If there are insufficient funds in your Square balance, Square will debit your linked bank account. The full sale amount is always returned to your customer, and Square returns any associated reimbursement to your free processing balance.

Processing fees are reimbursed to your account on each deposit. After an offer has been fully redeemed or expired, your standard pricing will apply. If you’ve selected to receive $20 off a new Contactless + Chip Reader, you’ll receive your code once the referred business activates a Square Account.

About Square
Square charges 2.75% for all swiped transactions including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, or 3.5% + $0.15 for manually entered transactions.

The Square credit card processing service works in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

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